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The liberal arts and sciences teach students how to learn.

With majors in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, English, Environment, History, Languages and Cultures, Mathematical Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Psychological Sciences and Religious Studies, the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences teaches students how to think, how to write, how to research, how to learn. 

The College offers teacher certificationpre-law and pre-health programs with professional advisors, as well as professional and student tutors in the Writing Across the Curriculum lab, Academic Resource Center, Language Lab, and Math Lab. These resources are available to all students at the University.  In addition the College has a vibrant undergraduate research program.

Students in the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences have distinguished themselves in scholarship, research, and service. In recent years, students have been awarded prestigious Rhodes, British Marshall, Mellon, Davies-Jackson and Fulbright scholarships. Writing, literature, and mathematics requirements combine with philosophy, history, religious studies, natural sciences and other courses to afford students the perspective, skills, and knowledge that can enable them to form their convictions, beliefs, and commitments in an atmosphere of study and reflection.

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Chemistry Scholars

Pictured above are two recent graduates Farihah Haque (’14) (center) and Cameron A. McCormick (’14) (right) with senior chemistry major, Vu D. Nguyen (’15) (left).

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Meet the people who want to turn predators into vegans

Dr. Joel MacClellan

“This issue probably hits closest to home, literally, with domestic cats, who are estimated to kill up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals annually in the United States."

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